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Also known as Charms Office Assistant, the CHARMS website aids Central Dauphin High School

music teachers and the CD Band Boosters in organizing student contact information, tracking student and booster association finances as well as working with trips, fees, fundraisers, form collection, and lots more. 


If your child is joining any band, you will need to register.



  1. Go to CHARMS WEBSITE (click here or click on the Charms icon in the header portion of this website)

  2. Hover your cursor over the LOGIN link in the top right, then click the "Parents/Students/Members" link in the drop down menu

  3. Type in our school code, "cdramband" and then click the "Enter Student/Parent Area" button

  4. In the "Student Area Password" box, type in the password you should have received in a separate mailing, then click "Enter".  Click here for instructions on re-setting your password.

  5. Once you are on the Home Page, click onto the "Update Info" icon, and update your student information, and add your information, as well.


Below please find frequently asked questions about the the CHARMS website,

the Student Account, or sometimes called Student Ledger 

and answers that provide you clarification. 

If you have any additional questions, email

What is the purpose of a Student Account?

Many expenses associated with maintaining a good music program are not covered by the school district budget.  We provide supplemental funds for ALL bands and ensembles members in ALL performing units by purchasing or underwriting music rights, instruments, band staff, guest performers, and other band and community enrichment activities.

A major function of the Central Dauphin Band Booster organization is to provide for those needs for our students.  The Band Boosters Association provides various fundraising opportunities to help band students' families defray certain band-related costs. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the Business Sponsorship program, product sales, Scrip purchases, and various other opportunities. 

All funds raised through these efforts are the property of the CD Band Boosters. Though the CD Band Boosters will maintain control of these funds, we will set aside a percentage (typically 40% - 60%) of the profit earned from certain fundraisers in an individual account/ledger earmarked for the benefit of the student ("Student Account/Ledger").  Students may spend Student Account funds only in connection with expenses approved by the Band Boosters for music activities, including, for example, band trips, lessons, equipment, or musical enrichment activities.

How does money get into my Student Account?

Money is placed into Student Ledgers from fundraisers, from overpays, and from direct deposits to this account. It's important to note that once deposited into the Student Account, this money may not then be "withdrawn," unless it's used for expenses approved by the Band Boosters for music activities including things like band trips, lessons, equipment, or musical enrichment activities. For fundraisers, the amount that will be credited to the Student Account or Ledger is per item sold and will be announced with each sale. 

What expenses do funds cover from the Student Account?

You may use Student Ledger funds only in connection with music activities approved by the Band Boosters, including but not limited to,, lessons, instruments, instrument repairs, marching band shoes and other equipment, band trips, or other musical enrichment activities.  Other expenses may be covered, but need reviewed by the Booster Executive Committee for approval.

How do I access funds from the Student Account?

You can request money from your Student Account by filling out an Student Ledger Withdrawal Request form.  Click here for a copy of the form.  Once the form is completed and signed by a parent, it can be put into the Box located in the band room.  If you are requesting reimbursement for repairs or lessons, please ensure you submit a receipt, along with the completed form.  A request form needs completed for every withdrawal request.  

How do I find out how much money is in my Student Account?

Student Ledger balances are available by logging into your Charms account.  Once you are in your account, you will see five icons at the top of the page.  Click on the icon with the money symbol ($), and your full Student Account/Ledger statement will be listed.

What happens to the monies in the Student Account if a student quits the band, transfers to another school, or when they graduate?

Any money remaining in the Student Account when a student leaves the band - for ANY reason - reverts to the Band Boosters.  The only exception is that the balance will roll over to a sibling who is actively participating in a the Central Dauphin High School Band Program.  

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