Indoor Drumline November Payment

Indoor Drumline November Payment

To audition for the CDHS Indoor Drumline, $25 is due prior to auditioning.  ***PLEASE NOTE*** When you get to your CART - on the left side of the screen you can ADD A NOTE - please click that, and then type in your student's name!  Thanks!


For payment by check, please make check out to the CD Band Boosters, and ensure it's placed directly into THE BOX in the CDHS Band Room. 


For payment using your STUDENT ACCOUNT monies - CLICK HERE to download and print off the withdrawal form.  Fill it out, then submit it to The Box for our treasurer to properly withdraw monies and ensure your student is credited with payment.


Or simply pay on line here, and your student will be credited!  This $25 will go to the total $700 due for participation on the CDHS Indoor Platinum Drumline should you be selected.