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CDHS Marching Ram Band

With a history of passionate performance and music excellence, the Central Dauphin High School Marching Band is an award winning marching band composed of brass, woodwinds, percussion and a band front.  Participation in Marching Band is open to all dedicated students grades 9 - 12.  Also known as the Ram Band, the CDHS Marching Band proudly performs at:

  • Marching band competitions and exhibitions

  • Central Dauphin High School football games and sporting events

  • Parades and performances both in-state and out-of-state

  • School events

  • Community events



  • For school scheduling purposes, participation in the Ram Marching Band ensemble is both curricular and extracurricular. Students receive 0.5 credits as well as a grade, and does involve rehearsing and performing outside of the school day; 

  • Attendance at Marching Band Camp is MANDATORY! Normally held the first two weeks of August, please consider this when planning your summer vacation;

  • After summer camp, Marching Band meets in the fall semester and ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES, with few emergency exceptions.  Students have 1 day that can be used throughout the season for an excused rehearsal absence for academic/extra curricular reasons.  Please inform Mr. Tate of conflicts at least two weeks in advance to make sure members are approved for excused absences.

  • For unexcused absences: the 1st unexcused absences will result in a warning.  For every unexcused absences after 1, the members grade in marching band will be impacted.  Please plan your marching season accordingly!!

  • Marching Band members also attend three mini-camps scheduled at the end of school through June - you are STRONGLY urged to attend all camps and any absences should be emailed to Mr. Tate at least 2 weeks in advanc  

  • Marching requires its members to be in good physical health, given the strenuous physical activity students will be asked to perform.  Prior to and during ALL practices and performances, students will stretch and exercise;

  • Members are provided a Marching Band uniform, as well as percussion instruments and other band front equipment.  Other instruments along with additional items ARE required to be purchased by the member, including, but not limited to shoes, gloves, and both a 'casual uniform shirt', CD Diamond dryfit shirt.

  • Any additional information or instruction given by the band director;

  • The CDHS discipline policy is in effect at all marching band functions, both in school AND outside of school.

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