Here are the Booster Coordinator positions available

for YOU to take on for the 2021-2022 School Year!


Skills & Abilities needed = a good heart & a little time.

Interested in playing your part? 

Email for more information.

Indoor-RAMa Event

Band-a-RAMa Event

Concessions Stand 

Event Foods

Marching Band Equipment Movers/Chaperones

Fundraising Product Sales

Marching Band Posters

Marching Band Competition Ticket Sales

Kauffman's BBQ Event

Band Banquet

Knoebels Jazz Picnic

HERCO Volunteering

Website/Facebook Page

Event Parking

Business Sponsorship Program

Prop Design

Raffles/Small Games of Chance (we are licensed)

And officers on the Executive Committee** currently held by senior parents:


Officers-at-Large (two positions available)

Positions currently held by underclassmen parents, but will need filled in the future, AND can always use additional help now:

Spring Craft Show

Spirit Wear

Band Camp Meals

Truck Driver

Program and Graphic Designer

Marching Band Uniforms



Alumni Outreach

And officer positions currently held by underclassmen parents on the Executive Committee**:



Financial Secretary

Recording Secretary

**Any Booster parent can be nominated and run for any officer position, with elections held each spring.  As of this webpage update (2/27/2021) the Vice-President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Recording Secretary have indicated their desire to serve, if elected, during the 2021-2022 school year.  But that does NOT preclude you from requesting nomination to run for those positions, if you so desire.  Please refer to our by-laws, listed under the Forms tab.